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Beyond our duties as FDA agent, Euroconsultants offers its clients various services, such as consulting on and insight into US regulatory developments, promoting French wines and cheeses, and help setting up in the United States.

Legal and Regulatory Environment

Euroconsultants advises companies on the regulatory and legal framework surrounding their business in the United States: civil liability as it pertains to products, specific State regulations, particularly on distribution, contractual relationships with importers, protection of intellectual property, ... etc.

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Euroconsultants can see to registering a collective trademark, which is the closest thing to a French Geographical Indication (GI) in American law. The GIs of foodstuffs (cheeses for example) are not recognized by the United States. The collective trademark is effective in protecting a Geographical Indication. The distribution of wines and spirits is regulated by complex State law. For example, some States grant their local distributors extended protection (“franchise” laws).

Promotional Activities in the Food and Wine Industry

Euroconsultants develops and carries out customized communications and promotional operations in the wine and cheese industry since2005.
For example, we create tailor-made programs for individual for joint projects for several AOCs. We followed the development of successive campaigns in the United States, ensuring the smooth running of in-store tastings and events on behalf of CNIEL and ANICAP.

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Euroconsultants guarantees the success of its promotional campaigns based on its knowledge of the American market and sector players:

  • Knowledge of consumer habits, benchmarking of competitive products in order to offer relevant promotional programs.
  • Expertise and practice of American regulations, particularly in the complex area of wines.
  • Excellent rapport with professional partners: importers, distributors, sommeliers, wine merchants, supermarkets, educators, restaurants, specialized agencies (education, digital, event planning, etc).

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Here are a few examples of what we can do together in order to add value to your brand and promote your products.

Masterclasses for professionals

Tasting classes for consumers

Webinars (with or without tastings)

Tasting dinners

Sponsored content: articles, advertorials, podcasts, hub pages

Distribution or brand sales team training

Certified online courses

Wine and Food Festival-type events: participation as sponsor

Purchaser trips to the regions

Dedicated newsletters

Human Resources and Hosting

Euroconsultants hosts and supervises international corporate volunteers from French companies in the sectors pertaining to your business (wines, cheeses, foodstuffs). Euroconsultants can also offer hosting services, for example for a company that wants a representative onsite but does not want the burden of managing a subsidiary.

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Euroconsultants is proficient in the various types of visas required for expatriates (H1B, E2, etc.) and can facilitate visa applications for representatives of companies that are not established in the United States. We can also inform companies about the conditions surrounding establishment in the United States (tax system, labor laws, etc.).

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