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Euroconsultants, an FDA agent and much more.

In addition to acting as an agent with the FDA and supporting foreign agri-food companies exporting to the United States, the company specializes in issues of bilateral and international agricultural trade, trade disputes between the United States and the European Union.

Who we are

A multidisciplinary company

Euroconsultants was founded in 1990 by Ralph ICHTER, owner and president, former Agricultural Adviser to the French Embassy in Washington DC. In addition to our duties as FDA agent and providing support to foreign agri-food companies exporting to the United States, our company also specializes in bilateral and international agricultural trade issues, trade disputes between the United States and the European Union, as well as American regulation issues. Euroconsultants represents the interests of several French trade associations in the United States (wines and spirits, dairy products, agricultural organizations).
Euroconsultants also manages nationwide promotion campaigns in the United States for French wines and cheeses.

Our purpose

We operate as an FDA-sanctioned agent

In fulfilling the legal requirement of registering foreign food businesses with the FDA. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the American market’s regulations and various business sectors, we represent nearly 1000 French and European Union companies that export wine, cheese and other foodstuffs.

Why us?

Knowledge of regulations and access to an exclusive network

We represent nearly 1,000 French and European Union companies exporting wine, cheese and other foodstuffs. We also represent professional associations for which we participate in the development of American federal regulations, in conjunction with American professionals.

For example, in the TRUMP wine duty case, we created coalitions with American associations to testify against the imposition of the duties and to lobby the US government.

What we do

We support companies on a day-to-day basis

Compliance with FSMA regulations, checking registration in case of customs clearance issue, follow-up and updates, establishing FDA Product Codes, Prior Notices of Imported Foods, cheese-specific regulations (Import Alert 12-03), onsite FDA inspections, …etc.


Advising and defending French agri-food interests in the United States.

FDA registration

Registering your company with the FDA and performing duties as FDA Agent.

French wine and cheese promotion

Developing and carrying out promotion campaigns.

Industry expertise

Gastronomy, wines and cheeses

As FDA agent, our wine clients reflect the entire French wine market in the United States, whether they are Bordeaux, Burgundy, Alsace, Loire, the Rhone Valley or even Champagne and spirits such as Cognac.
We are also the FDA agent of a number of companies that export French cheese, but also other foodstuffs such as chocolate, honey, bakery products, olive oil, ...etc.





(Chocolate, confections, honey, bakery)

We represent close to 1000 French and European Union companies that export wine, cheese and other foodstuffs.

First and foremost, Euroconsultants strives to provide affordable services. We do not offer complicated and expensive services, which are often useless for most SMEs. Euroconsultants can meet all of a company’s needs, whether in exporting to, or setting up in the United States: identifying problems that need solving, and consulting specialized consultants and lawyers in order to solve specific problems.

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